Quick Values Plus Widget v3.0.0 Just Released - Works w/ Graylog 2.3.0 and New Features

In addition to being compatible with Graylog 2.3.0, this release brings about the following new features to the Quick Values Plus Widget:

  • Terms now have links and can be clicked on to view the term-related search (Preserves widget time frame and search query)
  • A button is present for opening the term-related search in a new window/tab
  • Provides “Exclude from Query” button if the user has permissions to edit the dashboard. Can filter out noise from the widget now.
  • Able to modify the field name in the widget configuration.
  • Can now define global default options for the widget under System -> Configurations

More Info and Screenshots

If you need assistance you can let me know here or open an Issue on the GitHub page.


Version 3.0.1 has been released which fixes a couple of issues that were affecting users. Please see the RELEASE NOTES for more information and to get the updated version. Mahalo.

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