Release of Quick Values Plus Widget v2.0.0 - Compatible with Graylog 2.2.1

I’ve just released v2.0.0 of the Quick Values Plus Widget which makes it compatible with Graylog 2.2.1.

When the QuickValuesPlus Widget is added to a stream as a field analyzer it adds a “Remove from search” button. The button will negate the field in the search bar (E.g. !field_name:foo).

In addition, the QuickValuesPlus Widget has extra features when added to dashboards, such as:

  • Support for ascending OR descending sort order in the datatable. Can now obtain true bottom values.
  • Editable number of Top/Bottom values (Quick Values default is 5). This is the one with a color in the table.
  • Customizable table size (Quick values default is 50).

See the README for additional information.

If you have issues, please file an Issue on GitHub. Feel free to discuss or request features below.


I’ve just released v2.1.0 of the Quick Values Plus Plugin. This version adds a Customize menu so that you can adjust Sort Order, Top Values, and Table Size on the Search and Stream pages. This should aid in pivoting and discovery of the data. It is compatible with Graylog 2.2.1 - 2.2.3.

Please see the README for additional information. Please report an Issue on the GitHub page or post here if you have issues or would like to request a feature be added to the QuickValuesPlus Widget. Mahalo!