Graylog 4 RC1 only minor new features

today I tried new graylog4 RC1 version, and was little disappointed. There are some nice new features, like dark mode, new skin, pin sidebar, new authentication wizard…

But still a lot of requested features from other users are missing.
For me most important are:

  1. Please show number of returned results in search. It’s so important, and easy to implement.
  2. Please add Actions (Add to query, Exclude to from results) also to other types of widgets like Pie Chart, Bar Chart not only Data table. It doesn’t make much sense to change color of value when you click on value in charts widget, it should definitely show Actions menu. Without it Pie/Bar charts is not very usable, I must always change widget to Data table to use Actions function. PS: Color should be changed only by clicking on color rectangle.
  3. Please add Quick values widget which contains pie chart and data table in one widget. Also include Actions on it.
  4. Please add option to disable/enable specific condition in search query like Kibana. Example query search: source:server AND level:6, so if I want to remove one of the condition, I always need to do it manually (select text and remove). It would be great to have option to disable/enable specific conditions.

i see the downside with the new roles and teams that u have to have the enterprise because now i cant create your own roles and map to streams/dashboars just the predefined roles… :frowning:

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Absolutely agree.
I’m really thinking to rollback to 3.1 second time, after several months of trying hard I don’t see new UI is reasonable or better in any way.
Seems currently devs thinking about bells and whistles (Dark Mode?? OMG Really??), not about efficient search and log analysis.
Graylog team lost the initial vision of the product


Dropped support for own Roles is also another disappointment.

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Oh, this is the most needed feature. I am sitting on v. 3.1 because newer versions missing it.

Dear @konrad it seems Graylog team underestimates importance of some things?
How about creating “Graylog for engineers” and “Graylog for managers who just love to watch at nice dashboards” editions?
And maybe one more - “Graylog for developers who just love to research new UI frameworks, but doesn’t use final product”

As always, every joke has a grain of truth (in this case, a sack of grains)

Hi @shoothub,

Thanks a lot for taking a look into the release candidate.
I can totally understand the frustration which you all have with changed workflows or currently missing loved abilities and features of Graylog.

Please do not think that we do not take the requests from the Open Source community serious. A lot of time in this release was invested to implement the Elasticsearch 7 support. This is one of the most requested features on Github. In fact the dark theme is technically the starter to be able to customize
the Graylog UI, to use Graylog with a screen reader and have better contrast helping people with disabilities to read the UI better.

That said, after the 4.0 release was focused on technical debt that needed to be solved, the upcoming 4.1 release will pick up the challenges to optimize the UI and include the feedback that you mentioned here and in other places.
We know that it is not possible to solve all problems at the same time, but we have reasons for all our decisions we have in the product. It might be that from the outside the changes look small but we have a bigger plan that needs to be worked on step by step.

The roles were never what we had in mind in the first place. I know that we removed the easy assignment of permissions on streams and dashboards to a group of users for open source. We instead implemented a new Share Dialog to give permissions to single users or everyone.
And not just for streams and dashboards, but for saved searches, alerts and notifications as well. We plan to add the sharing modal to more features in the future.

- Jan and Konrad on behalf of the Graylog Team


Hi @konrad,
thanks for detailed explanation of your process for adding features.

I would suggest to create community page with option to add feature request (suggestions, ideas), and vote for it. This way, you would have great input from community, and have list of most wanted features. You can use one of the services like:, or similar.


Another feature that a lot of user asks is numeric formating. Graylog only show raw numeric value, but it would be great to have option to format e.g. bytes value to KB, MB, GB, TB automatically like Kibana has.


Also fields prioritization would be fine. If you have a lot of fields it’s hard to find required field. It would be great to have option to prioritize field, so it will be showed higher in the list of fields. Kibana has option Popularity, that prioritize fields. Fields should be prioritized also in message detail.

Probably it would be more efficient to submit GitHub issue(it doesn’t seem this forum gets enough attention from the devs)
I will upvote each of them, since we think alike

There is already feature request for prioritize field, please vote:

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I created new feature request for numeric formating:

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I’ve already created feature request for Actions in widgets in the past:

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Upvoted, and for this part it’s not clear to me how to recognize what fields must be prioritized.

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