Graylog v4.1 is Here!

On Wednesday, June 23, we officially released Graylog v4.1.This release introduces productivity gains and a great degree of flexibility with a number of new features and enhancements. Find out what is waiting for you in Graylog v4.1. What’s your favorite new feature?

Hi @dscryber
My favorite one is definitely widget actions in pie and bar charts. I’ve created github feature request for it in the past, so I’m very pleased that you listen for community feature request.


Thanks for the post, Shoothub. Listening to the Graylog Community helps us get to know each better.

It’s nice to see some progress to get back the most used feature, lost since v.3.2 - Quick Values. It’s different and seems a bit clumsy, but perhaps that’s the best we can get today.

Another nice one is support for HTML email body in notifications. Now it’s easy to create professional looking email alerts.