A selection of GL feature requests for upvoting in Github

Currently there are 560+ open GL feature requests in Github. I thought it would be useful to share a selection of these with a focus on the ones :

  1. That would be beneficial to most of the GL users out there
  2. Which do not seem to be overly complicated to implement

Please upvote and discuss the ones you like most, but do it in Github for better visibility and to help devs see the most requested ones.

There we go :

Search :
Ability to modify default search fields #6741
List of “all fields” should be confined to all fields of current search result #1845

Widgets :
Provide percentage and count view just like “quick values” of Graylog Version pre 3.2 #7822
Value actions in View widgets Pie and Bar charts #6612
Add timerange indicator to dashboard widgets #7358
Rename column header values in view widgets #7254
Enhanced math operations in widget metrics #8968

Dashboards :
Reordering of tabs in dashboards #7470
Ability to copy pages from one dashboard to another #8506
Folders/Categories for Dashboards #4654
Public dashboards #4824

Events and Alerts :
Allow cloning of existing event definitions #8017
Grouping Event Definitions in Folders or Categories #9429

Pipelines :
Pipeline rules should indicate where they are used. #6552

Lookup Tables :
Manage Static Lookup Tables via weberface #5903

Outputs :
Add Syslog to the list of default Outputs in GL #9395

Authentication :
Force password change on first login for new accounts #5015

Processors :
Consider making the default processor order more useful #5040

Content packs :
Remove content pack installation without removing configuration #5645

Misc :
Sources that haven’t sent any logs in X amount of time #4475


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Hey @H2Cyber I just want to thank you for your contribution! I have added your post to a personal backlog of items to look closer into. Can’t guarantee we will get any or all of these soon, but just wanted to let you know that your post was seen and appreciated!

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