GELF Ruby Library maintainers not responsive

Hi there all, I’m reaching out on behalf of users that want to know about the future of this plugin. It seems that there are users which are keen to contribute or at least merge / manage existing PRs. Please see the corresponding Github post

As you’ll note from the PRs, there are some that update dependencies to address serious CVEs.

Please let me know what your plan forward is or at least give a willing member rights to manage the project and add maintainers.


Hey @Graylog_staff would really appreciate a response if you have the time :slight_smile:

Hi again could you please respond to me or on the Github post, I understand it must be a busy time as it’s nearing the end of the year, but a response or direction for the project would really be appreciated. Can any of you assist please @jan, @aaronsachs ?

Hi @chriscz, the ruby library looks like it’s been moved into the graylog-labs org. As one of the newer folks at Graylog, the only context I can give to the gelf ruby library is that given its in the labs org, its support is experimental. I think either @lennart or @kay are probably better resources to speak to any future plans for the project. I’ll defer to their response here.

Thanks for responding @aaronsachs, looking forward to hearing from @lennart or @kay. I understand the library is experimental, but it’s the stadard GELF library for ruby, experimental or not I think it would be great if we can assign someone in the community to at least merge PRs and tag issues at least the project will seem to have some momentum then, releases can even be postponed if necessary to allow time for discovering bugs / issues with PR upgrades. If not, the community would be served better to create a fork. Thanks again!

Hi @chriscz, after chatting with @lennart, we agree in that the community would be best served by forking the project. If you’re willing to fork it, we’re happy to put a notice in the project’s README to point to the fork. Let me know your thoughts and we can move forward from there.

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