Ruby gem gelf-rb does not suupport ruby-.2.4.0

ruby 2.4.0 Has been released. I was trying to my rails app to ruby-2.4.0.graylog2/gelf-rb gem would then raise depreciation warning
FixNum is now depreciated.This gem seems no longer to be actively maintained

What’s your point? That the PR isn’t being merged within 2 hours after opening it?

No.No. I was saying We should update the repo and I would love if it supports ruby-2.4.0.The current master branch wont support ruby-2.4.0. That is why I open an issue.When PR’s open I had a doubt if its maintained actively. Hence I asked.

I raised the PR because I felt I should be able to fix it. I am ready to wait.:slight_smile:

This gem seems no longer to be actively maintained

This still seems the case though :frowning_face: several PRs without any reaction, the build is failing because of the organization removal (PR also open).

Do you need help to maintain this gem? How can we improve the situation?

I am ready to maintain this gem

Awesome! :+1:

We’ll contact you on a private channel for the details.

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