Adding a GELF Library in Graylog Marketplace

I am a committer to the Apache Log4j project. I would like to add Log4j 2 as a GELF Library in Graylog Marketplace, since it supports generating GELF and integrating with Graylog:

However, I have been unable to do so since the Log4j GitHub project is under the Apache organization which I don’t have sufficient privileges on to properly integrate with Graylog Marketplace.

Is there an other way to solve this?

I’ve added Apache Log4j 2 manually to the marketplace:


However, it now says “No release yet”, which is not correct.

There is no release on GitHub (from where the Marketplace pulls its information), just the standard download of sources of tags:

And it’s even missing the 2.9.0 tag.

We currently don’t do releases on GitHub, we do releases on the project web site and to Maven Central.

There should be a Git tag for the 2.9.0 release though, we have forgotten to make it.

I think it would be appropriate to add tags “java” and “log4j2”.

GitHub Releases are the only supported source of information on the Graylog Marketplace at the moment. So if you’re not using GitHub Releases, the information on the marketplace will be blank.

I’ve added these tags.

Currently the release information is not blank, it is misleading when saying “No releases yet” which suggest that it is a brand new project which is expected to make releases in the future.

I would prefer if it was blank.

The information is correct in so far that there are no releases on GitHub.

Removing the release information is currently not supported.

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