How to release a Graylog plugin


I was wondering on what is the correct way to release a plugin version containing the .jar file. There seems to be a travis-ci file in the plugin code, but travis is not compatible with current OS. There is no mention of the need of travis in the Graylog manual or in the blog post of writing pipeline plugins - is that a legacy thing that has just been lying there, and superseded by something else?

I have made manually a release of my plugin in the Github repository, and that one contains the .jar file. For some reason Graylog marketplace does not recognize that as a release. What should I do to make it work?

The Graylog Marketplace is using the information from GitHub Releases:

It doesn’t matter if you create the releases manually or use a CI service like Travis CI to automatically create releases for tagged commits.

There seems to be something I am missing. I have created four releases in github and they show there (

However, the graylog marketplace tells me there are no releases:

I don’t find any guide telling me what is the missing part here.

The information from GitHub (number of issues, number of star gazers, releases) is cached very aggressively on the Graylog Marketplace, so maybe the cache was stale when you checked last.

Currently, the Graylog Marketplace correctly shows the latest release of your plugin (using the name “With binary” from

ah, thanks!

Now I can see that, too. Perhaps it was a caching problem, then.

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