Graylog Marketplace still not updating


I’ll keep it short since this was reported multiple times now:
All information about the plugins in the Graylog Marketplace is not getting updated.
This means: README, Download Link, Version, Issues, Stars, Last Push, …

Negative Impact:

  • confused users, because instructions in the README, etc. are out of date
  • users downloading old versions that have bugs (some even breaking the graylog UI) or do not work with the latest graylog version
    … that sucks.

As mentioned, this was reported multiple times already:

Example of (my) affected plugin page: Graylog Marketplace

@lennart claimed that this was fixed in a response to me, but clearly it’s not, even more than two years later:

If you are unable to fix this issue, can you at least point the download link to:<user>/<repo>/releases/latest instead of an outdated tag/version? This way users always get the latest stable release.

cc @jochen (as you originally responded to my previous post)


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he @irgendwr

we fixed the underlying issue that causes the problems this time. Sorry for the trouble.

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Nice, thanks @jan & your team :slight_smile:

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