Broken Threat Intel Plugin


I was just wondering if anyone has an update on the threat intel plugin not working, I raised the issue here:

I need to know what’s going on as if we can’t get this working soon we may need to look at alternate solutions.



Why are you asking in this forum instead of the issue? :thinking:

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Do you guys not develop the plugin? I assumed you did as it is now shipped with GL as default, maybe I’m wrong :confused:

There are obviously constraints in what we, as a relatively small engineering team, can do at the same time.

Maybe your priorities are different than our priorities. This being said, code contributions in the form of pull requests are more than welcome.

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I was just wondering on the progress and that’s why I asked here as I didn’t get a response to my last question on the GitHub issue. I fully understand the constraints of a small team and can sympathize with you, I wish I was able to contribute to the project however I don’t really have the relevant skills otherwise I would :frowning:

Keep up the good work anyway and let me know if there is any progress on the plugin :slight_smile:

Thank you,


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