How to Get All Values in an Aggregation?

I am very new to Graylog so maybe this is a very newbie question: I am trying to get all the values of an aggregation.

I can create a widget with a Data Table visualization showing the metric (eg count()) on my field.
However, it will only give me first 15 values in the table based on the sorting I choose. What if I want all the values?

I thought maybe Get values of widget using the graylog api was on to something, but the discussion ended with no answers either on what he was trying to ultimately do nor an update to the API call he was trying to do.

Ideally I would like to export the result to a CSV, but since I am rarely doing this, I can copy and paste and reformat with something else.

To jump ahead to the question of “what exactly are you trying to do”, I want to get a list of all my log sources and possibly rank them by how active they are, not just the very top 15 of them or the first 15 in the alphabet.

In the aggregation, click on the blue value you want more of and change the number:



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