Graylog 3.2 - Adding rows to an aggregation Windows

Is it possible for me to add rows to an aggregation windows? In other words, I would like to get all the values in a field over a period of time but it is being cut off.

Hey Tim,

could you provide a screenshot to get visually a better understanding of your problem?



Thank you for responding. Here I have 15 rows. In 3.1 when I did a “Quick Values” I could go to Configure - Add rows (I think that’s what it was called) and make it more if I wanted to see all the values. Can I do anything like that here.

Hi Tim,

a now I see the problem. So this can be a really expensive request if we would allow to ask for all rows. But you can set the amount of rows to be requested:

I hope I could help.

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Thanks a million. That’s exactly what I was looking for.

And FTR, I only use it for SOME things. :slight_smile:

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