Graylog-Ctl Scripts Missing

(Omar Abdo) #1

Hi there,
I installed (successfully) today from the 2.6 OVA on a VM. The documentation says the VM version should have Graylog-ctl script(s) built in, but I can’t find or invoke them. Can I add them separately?


(Jan Doberstein) #2

the graylog-ctl script is part of the omnibus package - how did you installed the OVA?

(Omar Abdo) #3

Hi Jan,
I installed it using vSphere. I don’t think I was very peculiar about the options used to launch the VM but I don’t imagine any of them would cause the scripts to disappear anyways :stuck_out_tongue: Is there a way I can download them by themselves?

(Jan Doberstein) #4

it is not a simple script - and it is part of the omnibus package ( ) that is the source of the OVA image.

What Image exactly did you use? What download source?

(Omar Abdo) #5

Oh, I see.
Sorry, I kept saying “2.6” by mistake but it’s actually[...]
where I got the install file.

From the site :slight_smile:

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