Graylog-ctl is missing on RHEL 7 install

Hi , i installed graylog on rhel 7 , i am not able to locate graylog-ctl

UI says :The admin user can only be modified in your Graylog server configuration file.

Pls suggest thanks

Are you using Graylog 3.x by any chance? That doesn’t have graylog-ctl.

Mine is Graylog v2.4.6+ceaa7e4

Follow-up question would be: are you using the PoC VM that Graylog provide, or did you simply install Graylog using packages? I think it’s the latter, based on the fact that you’re running RHEL7.

To my knowledge graylog-ctl is only available on the PoC VM and it’s not part of the normal distribution. You just use the OS-default commands for process control (systemctl), and settings like the admin password are handled through the config file.

The script graylog-ctl was only given on the OVA Images/Omnibus Package and is not part of a regular Graylog installation package.

Anyway - as @Totally_Not_A_Robot pointed out it is no longer part of any Graylog version since 3.0 as we do not want to maintain that in favor users are using the system default tools.

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