[REQ] ... About Graylog 3.0

(Alessio Dapelo) #1

I’m trying the new version of Graylog from ova image and i have a question
Now exist a server.conf and not a graylog.conf like in the past, now i don’t find a graylog-ctl to enforce ssl and https
it’s possible that in the future, in the final release all come back like in the past or not for the configuration ?
thank’s in advance

(Jan Doberstein) #2

the script graylog-ctl will not be available again.

(Alessio Dapelo) #3

OMG, sad news !!!
Why ?
it was very convenient for configurations, stop and start services, will there be a new convenient procedure for configuring web services ssl or not?

(Tess) #4

It will be using the “normal” / “standard” Linux methods.

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