HTTPS problem when login

I apologize in advance if the topic has already been discussed but this is the first time I use graylog.
Downloaded and deployed OVA image on ESX and all is fine. I changed some parameters use graylog-ctl enforce-ssl (for example). It switches now to https but after login i encounter 404 issue, while in http the problem is not present.
What parameter do i change?



could you share your server.conf (probably) in /opt/graylog/conf/graylog.conf?
Do you get any logs in /var/log/graylog/server/?

The default file locations can be found here

Which commands did you run exactly and what was their output?

sudo graylog-ctl enforce-ssl

…and what was their output?

I’m also sure that this wasn’t the only command you’ve been running.

sure, only that command. No output came up when I run it.
Other commands was about admin password and timezone.
Now after login the issue is:
Error - the server returned: 404 - cannot POST
https://server_ip_address:443/api/system/sessions (404)

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