Changing Default Passwords

Hi, New to Graylog and I’m trying to change the default web and OS passwords. For the web password I tried to run “sudo graylog-ctl set-admin-password mynewpassword” . After this command and a “sudo graylog-ctl reconfigure” I could not login to the web interface as admin mynewpassword or admin admin. I then found a document after some searching to do the following:

  1. Generate a Secret Key.
    pwgen -N 1 -s 96
  2. Put it under “password_secret =” in /opt/graylog/conf/server.conf
  3. Generate a Hash password
    echo -n yourpassword | shasum -a 256
  4. Put it Under “root_password_sha2 =” in /opt/graylog/conf/server.conf
  5. I ran “sudo graylog-ctl reconfigure”

I still haven’t been able to login. I’ve been checking and rechecking for hours. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hej @rollin

from what you had written I think you are using some kind of OVA/Image installation. All changes to that kind of installation need to made via the graylog-ctl command.

Using sudo graylog-ctl set-admin-password mynewpassword followed by sudo graylog-ctl reconfigure should have done the trick. Did you push a sudo graylog-ctl restart after the reconfigure - just to be sure that Graylog is taking the new configuration.

If not what can be found in the Graylog Server Logfile? The location can be checked here:

Thanks for the reply. I had used graylog-ctl with a complex password and maybe I miss typed something. I followed your instructions with a simple password and it worked. Thank You.

The installation is an OVA image that I converted to Hyper-V.

Thanks again

how about for not ova?
i installed it in manual from scratch, however after all the install had done and graylog pag were now accessible but cannot login using user:admin and password: admin

Can you help about it>

Please refer to for information about the manual installation of Graylog.

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