Can't login Web Interface by default admin both user/pass


I can’t login Graylog web interface by default user admin , password admin.
after fill admin both user/password , Graylog show invalid credentials

Can you please answers me correct both username/password for login Graylog web interface.

Are you using default VM downloaded from graylog? If so try using graylog-ctl or if you have built by yourself then change the password and edit in graylog.conf

Hi blason,

Yes, I using default VM from graylog version graylog-3.1.0-6.
Do you have screenshot how to change password or not ?

Thnak you in advance.

you might want to read the documentation where the password would have been shown to you:

plus you might want to search this community how to reset that.

Hi Jan,

I already reset password graylog web interface.


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