Can't log to web Graylog

After installing graylog, I didn’t save the password and user for Graylog’s website.
I tried to create a new one with the commands:

pwgen -N 1 -s 96

echo -n yourpassword | shasum -a 256
e3c652f0ba0b4801205814f8b6bc49672c4c74e25b497770bb89b22cdeb4e951 -

I copy past this to /etc/graylog/server/server.conf :

password_secret = rKp5KiFg47CUw02k7LtIVdfHKEWnY1KD5bOdcmCD6Cm5EM77BS7LnIPi6mMCyrhr8AbxMBg0JlgTbANJmGujh8z5XD9FFu7k


root_password_sha2 = e3c652f0ba0b4801205814f8b6bc49672c4c74e25b497770bb89b22cdeb4e951

Why am I still unable to log in?

Do you use admin username to login to web? In server.conf you use root_… but you need to login as admin username.

Yes, try login as a admin
and password : yourpassword

Are you using the virtual appliance? It’s a bit different if you are

From: Virtual Machine Appliances — Graylog 4.0.0 documentation

“The standard user for the web interface is admin, the password is shown in the console of the virtual server on the first boot.”

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