Graylog OVA .conf file


quick Question regarding the Graylog OVA.

I’ve set up the VM and configured most of the things via the graylog-ctl.
Now if i go to “/opt/graylog/server/” there is a “graylog.conf.example” file. Can i edit this file to change settings on the graylog server? For example: if i change “allow_leading_wildcard_searches” from false to true, will it take immediate effect?


No. The OVA and the Omnibus distribution of Graylog are supposed to be configured exclusively through the graylog-ctl utility.

If you need more flexibility (also take a look at, you’ll have to install Graylog by other means such as the official DEB or RPM packages.

Thanks for the infos!
So if I want to allow wildcard searches, i’d have to set up a new Graylog Server without the OVA?
Or is there a way to activate this in the OVA (there was no ctl-command as far as I could see)?

I want to test out this content pack: and it requires leading Wildcard searches to be enabled…

No, you can activate this in the advanced settings:

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