Graylog 3.0 beta ova import problem


It appears that the latest Graylog 3.0 beta OVA file has incorrect exported values that stops the import into VMware ESXi and VMware VirtualCentre.
This appears to be a similar problem as reported in


Harry W.


The Graylog 2.5.1 OVA imports correctly.


Harry W.

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if you have any issues with the OVA, that you think is a bug, please open a bug report at Github:

You need to include as much information as possible that someone that is not you can understand what type of software you are using and what issue you have.

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This is not a matter of a corrupt OVA, it’s a matter of your virtualization platform being configured differently from the one used to create the OVA. This is not a design or programming issue.

You can apply the workaround listed on that issue @Harryw, and it will work just fine. I needed to do the same when using the 2.4.x OVA on our ESX environment.


It’s strange that the 2.5.1 version of the OVA works and the 3.0 beta version has all these problems.
I eventually got around the problem by using VMware Workstation 15, importing the OVA (and ignoring the problem on import), removing the sound card specification, deleting the IDE interface (and keeping the disk), adding a SCSI controller and reattaching the disk.
I then migrated the VM to our VMware Virtual Center.
On startup the ethernet interface is now configured differently using ‘netplan’.
The ethernet reference in the ‘netplan’ configuration yaml file is inconsistent with the ethernet device name in the OVA. After working out how to configure the ethernet interface and rebooting the VM it is now connected to the network. The OVA doesn’t appear to have the ‘graylog-ctl’ script anymore so the machine cannot be configured via the script. It’s possible that the ‘graylog-ctl’ script is now deprecated and so I will have to find some other way to configure ‘graylog’ if I cant get access to the script.
The web server component appears to be running but I don’t know what the default user-id/password is.
Any help on getting access to the ‘graylog-ctl’ script would be most appreciated.


Harry W.

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Nice job on getting it to boot up! :slight_smile:

Well, the 3.0 documentation does still have the graylog-ctl command in there, so I reckon it’s not deprecated.

Is the file not on the system at all? sudo find / -name "graylog-ctl"


Correct, it doesn’t exist (as per sudo find / -name "graylog-ctl")


Hi have managed to get the admin password regenerated as per the documentation, so I can now login via the web interface.
I am now fighting with the sidecar setup and configuration but the current 3.0 documentation is still reflecting the 2.5.x methods for setup. I will wait on the documentation update before proceeding.

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To be fair, we reworked the OVA image completely between the 2.x and the 3.x branch - that is the reason they behave different.

I have created an issue for the documentation to have that visible:

@Totally_Not_A_Robot graylog-ctl is dead as it creates more problems than it solves.
@harryw the documentation for 3.0 will be “on-point” with the release, we have entered now the code freeze for 3.0 and concentrate on testing, bug fixes and documentation.

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Which is why it’s odd that the 3.0 docs site has a page for it :smiley: Thanks for registering a docs-issue. That’ll help get things sorted.

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