Problems with Graylog v3.0 appliance found so far

For graylog-pre-3.0.0-5.alpha.5.ova

  1. Error during deployment on ESXi 6.0 because of sound card hardware. Fixed by deletion corresponding item from .ovf file

  1. Netplan config for network adaptor does not match actual name shown by #ifconfig


  1. Most popular “nginx Content Pack” could not be imported

Please post you findings here…

  1. I think it’s based on the software what you use. I also get an error, but the vmware player import it without problem.
  2. the name of your network card come from the driver, so different virtualization/settings cause different names. You can overwrite it.
    How do you fix it?
  3. If you check nginx in marketplace, you can go to the github page, where a big notice about the content pack is deprecated. Also another content pack’s link.
    The content pack was written when GL 3.0 was not available, so maybe it is normal if you can’t import a pack what not compatible with the new version.
    If you have a bug in the software you should report to the developers.
  1. “vmware player” is a toy to play at home. I’ve tried to import .owa into production environment based on licensed VMware ESXi hypervisor running on HPE DL380 Gen9. Not sure why we need sound card on server. Better to remove it from virtual hardware to avoid confusion.

  2. Problem fixed by manual edit of 01-netcfg.yaml. Never has such issues with 2.4.x appliances.

  3. Not a big issue, will be waiting for update compatible with v3.0

I did have a similar issue, in our ESX environment, when I first gave the OVA a testrun. Either the soundcard or the network card. It’s due to how our ESX is configured.

  1. yes, because the OVA is a toy also.

I hope these problems what you will have all in GL3.0.

If you find any issues within a BETA release of a software it would be very nice if you open a proper issue over at github that we can fix that.

For the Contentpack - did you read the changes of 3.0? Content Packs are reworked and old content packs are not compatible anymore. That is done on purpose.

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