Graylog 3.0 - any new (and usefull) features for open-source version?

Are there are real and usefull new features worth upgrading Graylog from 2.4.* to 3.0.0?
I have the free, open source, version on mind. As far as I know Graylog 3.0 supports Elasticsearch 6.* - it’s great news but I’ve heard there will be new visualization options - are there any in 3.0.0 ?

Just take a look at the release blog post:

In addition you should decide if the additiona functions are worth the upgrade for your:

Alright, I see. So basically all the new and flashy features are for Enterprise version.

if you leave out the new sidecar, the added processing pipeline functions, the new content packs, the upgraded alerting and all other small additions - yes it is only the enterprise additions in this version.



Yeah well I’ve been reading about new visualizations for like a year or so but okay :slight_smile:
Don’t get me wrong - I will update Graylog to 3.0 anyways but this new visualization stuff was quite important for many people so seeing it being thrown into enterprise was a bit of a let-down. I mean, if we have to pay for something so essential we will pay for Kibana instead (because x-pack has those security features Graylog has for free).

I thought you have been around a little longer already in this community …

… because as told multiple times, the extended search will be merged with the search page what makes it available for all. To create the final face and finish all features we need to be in close communication with the users and that is easier possible with the ones that pay for the development.

I’ll not discuss in public why we do the thinks like we do, but if you ask politely you will get an answer and you would have in mind that we have essentials always in the core. The core is always open source.

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