Graylog 3.0 Manual Update

I’ve recently upgraded from Graylog 2.5 to 3.0 and believed this was done successfully. My web GUI states that I’m running Graylog v3.0.0-beta.4+299ccfa. I upgraded manually following the .deb instructions in the documentation, first updating elasticsearch and then graylog itself. I had a couple of errors (detailed in another post) but resolved them as they were mostly my fault for incorrect syntax in the server.conf file. Everything is running as it was prior to the upgrade.

However, my issue is that my web GUI doesn’t have any of the new features in it that are described in the release notes and the video on the Graylog site. My menu bar across the top only contains “Search, Streams, Alerts, Dashboards, Sources, System” rather than the new “Extended Search, Reports, Views, and Sidecars”.

Is there something I’ve missed from the documentation regarding manually updating to Graylog 3.0 that is required to enable these new features? A bit confused as the server and web GUI both report that I’m on Graylogv3.0.0-beta?

Did you have the enterprise plugins installed too? Because the features you request are currently part of the enterprise plugins.

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I haven’t installed anything additional, where do I find the plugins?

EDIT: My plugin directory on the server has 3 .jar files:

  • graylog-plugin-aws-3.0.0-beta.4.jar
  • graylog-plugin-collector-3.0.0-beta.4.jar
  • graylog-plugin-threatintel-3.0.0-beta.4.jar

I take it I’m missing the enterprise plugins then?

That should answer your questions.

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Cheers, yep just found that page. I was using the ‘upgrade’ page rather than setup which contains more information.

You wouldn’t happen to have a working link for the v3.0.0 enterprise-plugins tarball would you? The link on the setup page is giving me a 404 error.

The main reason - the documentation is build for the stable release and does not contain the beta builds on purpose.

Brilliant, thanks all working now. For future reference again, I had to make sure to move the untarred .jar files into the correct plugin folder (that is defined in server.conf) and give the server a reboot.

Unfortunately after adding the license file I’ve discovered I’m processing more than 5GBs so it’s not working anyway! Never mind

as you used the .deb installation for Graylog server I would have installed the Enterprise Plugins with .deb from a repository.

That would allow upgrading from repository everything without the need of a manual upgrade of plugins.

Thanks for clarification…so to see all the new feature we need graylog 3 beta, enterprise plugin and license.

So when the production verison of graylog 3.0 is released, I guess the new features will similarly require license ? Or not ?

as you can find in nearly all locations mentioned (this community board, the company webpage and various posts in the net) that the release will be 14th Feb 2019.

Tomorrow we will release the first RC - what makes it feature complete and blocker free. To answer your question all requirements are 100% the same.

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