Announcing Graylog 3.0 preview - now available!

(Alyssa Fox) #1

The Graylog 3.0 preview is now running and Beta 2 is the latest version available for you to try out.

You can find the release notes and download links here:


I saw the sneak peak video. And the graylog search in the video has no connection with Graylog OVA 3.0 beta 1.

Ok, it is beta 2, but I don’t want to waste time to download, and fix, check.
Or is it an enterprise function? I tested the free only.

When will that feature available?

(bernd) #3

The new search that was shown in the video is currently only available in Enterprise. You can install the Enterprise plugins and get a free license to test the new search features.


thanks, I’m a bit sad.
Maybe one ot the greatest (for me) features of graylog.
The management will decide about the enterprise license.

Thanks for the information.

(Kay Roepke) #5

We understand that the feature is of general interest and as we further integrate it with other parts of Graylog we’ll also take a look at how to make it generally available.
For now you can also use our free tier of the Enterprise product to look at it and test it.