Gorilla Page not found search from dashboard


I have created a custom role (RoleX) and give access on all streams and all dashboards.

When the user having RoleX and Reader clicks on play icon, he gets the Gorilla page note found :frowning:

I’m on GrayLog 2.4

Please help.



did you mean that if the user clicks on “update search” for a constant refresh of the page you get the error page? On what Stream did that happen? Did you checked the Graylog server.log?

Non, when I click on the icon in red


No logs in server.log :frowning:

When you create this widget - what search was the source?

Did you use the “search” as admin that contains all logs or did you search within one stream and then create the widget?

For me it looks like the widget was created as admin usind the admin search over all messages and not a single stream the user can access.

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Thanks. It seems to be the reason.

I summarize the right procedure to follow if we want to configure dashboard access with custom roles:

  • Select the stream on witch to configure the rule
  • Make the search
  • Create the widget and add it to the dashboard
  • Configure rule for this dashboard access

It will be great if you could improve documentation on that.

Thanks again.

Hej @fadjer as Graylog itself, the documentation is also open source and we welcome any improvement made by users to that.

thank you for your help.

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