About the dashboard analysis to other people, but the page shows not found

Hi everyone,
I use the administrator account to search for example web logs saved as a dashboard, I want to share this dashboard to others in a read-only manner, but I found that I can only see it myself, and share it with others to see the dashboard. But the following error occurred when I opened it. I don’t know why. I installed the latest stable version of graylog. Thank you.

Page not found

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your request is not clear. Did you create a dashboard and want to share that with others that did not have a user in Graylog or did you want to share that with users that have a local account?

The first is not possible, while for the second you need to give that user the access right for the dashboard ( http://docs.graylog.org/en/2.4/pages/users_and_roles.html ).

Thank you for your reply, I have a screenshot.
I read the documentation for a description of the role permissions. The shared users are not created by the local users created on the graylog web, and the ldap users who are shared with the graylog configuration are not allowed. Although they can see the dashboard that I shared, but click replay search, the prompt is not found. The following is a screenshot, thank you:

So I guess that the following is what you want to show with the picture:

you have created a dashboard, created a role that has reading access to the dashboard. Assigned a this role to a user. That user can see the dashboard in the overview, but when the user selects the dashboard and try to open the dashboard a 404 error is shown and not the dashboard.

Is the above correct?

Yes, you are right, but whether it is the user I configured ldap or the user I created, open the dashboard shared by the admin, it will not find page


When other people visit my shared dashboard, it prompts not found page error, and no errors are found in the graylog log.


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