Search access for Custom Role

Hi Folks,

I have created a custom role where by users can access read-only dashboards however I don’t see an option where I can grant access to Search function.

Is it possible to grant Search function or is it only available to admins?


kindly shed some light with brief on it. I am not sure what exactly to do with the provided info.

These are the permissions required to use the universal search.

so what i need to do exactly? i find the source file and change those lines?

You’ll have to create a role which has these permissions if you want the users to be able to use the universal search (i. e. not inside a stream).

See for details.

Ideally, the dashboard widgets would’ve been created from a query to a stream which the users already have access to. Then the users wouldn’t require permission to use the universal search.

I have used custom roles but i don’t see an option to make search available to the users. If readers group user try to replay the search, they get gorilla with banana (404) page.

Please refer to the aforementioned chapter in the Graylog documentation.

Hi Jochen,

I got it, i have provisioned the new role and it works fine. Just a quick question, what does read_only keyword for?

sudo curl -v -XPOST -u admin:graylog -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ ‘’ --insecure -d ‘{“read_only”: false,“permissions”: [“savedsearches:read”,“searches:relative”,“searches:absolute”,“searches:keyword”],“name”: “Allow Searches”,“description”: “Permission to Search on Graylog nodes”}’

read_only marks accounts which cannot be modified online, e. g. the administrator account.

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