User with edit/read permission to "All messages" stream not see "Search" bar

Hello team!

I have dashboard which widgets was added from Source bar. F.i i was at “source” tab, type search query, then add it to Dashboard.

Then i have create an user with role which grant edit/read permissions to “All messages” stream and that dashboard. User can see dashboard, but when it press to reproduce query (button play) he redirected just to Streams bar, not query result in Search bar as it happen with admin user. Is there a error when dashboard was filled up widgets? They should be added as queries from Streams bar? Or it is graylog issue? Because i have read that User should just has edit/read permissions to “All messages” to make a search queries that user has but error still.

How i can give to non-admin user reproduce (play) queries from dashboard without give him an admin role?

Thank you.

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