Search button (next to Graylog logo)

Hello all,

I noticed that the search button (cleverly linked to the “all messages” stream), next to the Graylog logo is accessible only to the admin role.

Can it be configured so non admin users have it ?

as only the admin role has this ability to use the “all messages” stream - that is only possible for that role.

You can configure as user the a dashboard or a stream as “startpage” and you will return to the start page when you click on the logo.

Ok thanks for answering.
I’m not sure of that choice because you can authorize the all message stream anyway.

Why make two different URLS for the same destination ?


EDIT : I’m telling this because I’m thinking of a workflow in my company, and having that graylog button sending a dashboard, and the search button next to it displaying the all messages is really practical.

Why make two different URLS for the same destination ?

because one is the admin search the other is available since the default stream gets the unique UUID …

I see your point, but you might want to open a feature request over at github for that idea you have.

Ok, I’ll do that and explain more. Thanks !

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