User not authorized on search page

after I grant permission searches on my PowerUser roles

“name”: “PowerUser”,
“description”: “PowerUser”,
“permissions”: [
“read_only”: “false”

and PowerUser try login but not loading search page and found error messages below:

INFO : - User [test] not authorized. (GET api/system/cluster_config/org.graylog2.indexer.searches.SearchesClusterConfig)

how to fix it?

please help.

note: graylog 2.1.1

you should really update your Graylog.

Your role is missing some rights but I do not have such an ancient version to check what version where given and possible with that version.

Don’t It have any way to fix it? Because my graylog has huge of data.

you need to check the available access rights yourself. As I said. I do not have such an ancient version to check what rights are needed …

Thank you, jan.

Could you guide me for where or what file should i check access rights?

you can find that via API

GET https://yourgraylog/api/system/permissions

or via the API browser

Thank you.

i found it (via API Browser) but cannot edit/post anythings. How to edit it?

“searches”: [

@madieo you can create a new role that has the access rights that you want to have and assign that role to a user.


yes, I already add new role “PowerUser” and add search permission at top topic message that i have this issue. it doesn’t work.

do you have any idea?

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