Users not able to load Messages on creating Alerts

Hi there,
i have a Running graylog 3.0.2 instance with LDAP and Roles attached.
So i configured User Groups to belong to certain LDAP Roles and have the Rights to edit Streams & Dashboards of that Roles.

But if one of theses Users wants to add some Alarms to a Stream he gets immediately routed to that /notfound site with the ape on it.

In the logs i can see the following:

7.8.2019 11:44:502019-08-07 09:44:50,200 INFO : - Not authorized. User <Manfred> is missing permission <searches:relative>

Where can i add this rights (searches:relative) to that Role?
This is not possible with Graylog backend or am i missing something.

you can set a lot of specific rights via graylog API check it.

you need to create a role that has this right.

That is done using the API:

One example is in the FAQ:

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