Feature Request | Hide widgets based on a condition

Hi, I’m coming across situations where it is very useful to make widgets appear/disappear based on some condition, for example, I have a dashboard (please look below) for switch accesses that I only need to see switches that have been accessed, so widgets of switches with 0 accesses can be hidden (or moved to the bottom) so that it won’t clutter the view. I also have several other such examples and I think many people will find a use for such feature.

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I agree on your idea in general - although I’d like to discuss with you a working other solution:

There is a visualisation called “Data Table”. You need filter for your condition, group by row once with your source and as metric I assume by count(). You will see a table with your devices if they have logs.
The requirement for this is a uniform searchquery for all devices to make it work. It will look like this:
Although the numbers and names will be different :slight_smile:


Hı, thank you for the suggestion, I actually tried data tables and it works to some extent, the problem with this method is that the font is too small to be seen from afar as I am monitoring the dashboards on big screens 5 meters away from my desk, and if we zoom in the page it will look broken, all page elements will be very big and ugly.