Graylog 4.0 Dashboards | Make Widget (Data Table )rows clickable back to the whole event

Hi, I’m new to GL. Please forgive me if this is obvious;

When I create a basic stream of Windows events, The events display as a clickable link in a table, and when you click on the link, the event opens and you can review all details. I can even export that to a dashboard and retain the same behavior , however, If I want to create a Data Table widget in a dashboard, and select specific fields to display, I would still like the option of clicking on the row (or one or more fields) so the entire event displays. I can not figure out how to do this.

Is this possible?
Many thanks

I’m kind of confused. I tried following you explanation on my GL Server. Is it posible to show screen shots? I’m running GL v4.0.1 right now. I have a widget from my windows stream on my dashboard as an example below

By clicking the play button Icon on my widget as shown.

Then it opens to another tab in my broswer as shown here.

Is this what you are talking about?

Thanks for your response. The first image I have is a simple stream. You can export this stream directly to a dashboard and retain the existing functionality (notice that you can click on the left side of each row to expand all the details of the event.)

Note: Because I’m a new user I can’t display a second image. I’ll ty to add it to a second reply.

Here is the second image:

The second image is a data table I created in the dashboard. I have chosen a few fields to display in each row. Notice how the row (or any field ) is not clickable. I can not expand the entire event to view the details.

Is there any way to make the data table’s rows clickable so I can see the details of the event if I desire and at the same time display some summary information in the row in case that is sufficuient?

I copied what you did in my lab. Below are some sceen shots.

I made a stream for windows failed logon. Then I copied it to a dashboard and configured the widget.

This is the stream I copied to the dashboard.

I edited the widget like yours I do believe.


I was able to left click the row inwhich I wanted to see the message.

Not sure why it didnt work for you.
Maybe check logs for errors.

Thanks for your efforts. I’m able to do it on my dashboard as well. The key I think is to export the Stream then edit it. We started out with a Graylog - Docker instance, and it ended up having some performance issues and I believe my troubles were related to that. It would hang at times and act like the widgets were not editable.

I rebuilt a new Bare Metal instance sans docker and now everything appears to be functioning as intended. I forgot to try it after the change.

Thanks for all the help.

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