Graylog Dashboards Usability


I have several questions regarding Dashboards on Graylog. I have tried searching for these in the community but wasn’t able to find the answers I needed.

  1. Can I create a link to a particular tab on a dashboard? (found this topic: Link to >3.2 dashboard page but was closed without response…)
  2. How can I move one widget from one tab to another? I have several widgets on several tabs in a dashboard, if I want to separate them into multiple other tabs, do I need to delete/re-create the widget on a different tab? I’ve tried drag/drop or clicking on export, but found nothing that could do this…
  3. How can I add a saved search to an existing dashboard? I know I can export a saved search to a new dashboard, but I wanted to do that for an existing dashboard… found no way of doing this :s

Running Graylog 3.3.0 free version (no enterprise version).


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