Move widget between dashboard pages?

I’ve a Linux dashboard with page1 and page2.

When I create a widget since the search page, by default I could only select the Linux dashboard and Graylog put the widget to page 1 of the Linux dashboard.

If I want to create widget on page 2, I do this by the sidebar.

Is it possible to move a page 1 dasboard to page 2 on the same dashboard ?


Graylog 3.3 have option to copy widget from one page to another…


I use Graylog 3.3.2.
On the widget default page dashboard, actions available are:

  • edit
  • duplicate
  • delete

Since the search page, actions on widget are:

  • copy on dashboard > select dashboard > validate

Where you see it ?

Sorry my mistake, there is only option to duplicate page…

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