How to clone a dashboard and how to clone widgets from one dashboard to another

Hello friends, I want to clone a dashboard can any one tell how to do it cause i didn’t get any option like that in GUI. And one more thing how to clone widgets from one dashboard to another?

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I think using REST API it will be possible:

How to copy widget to another dashboard:

  1. Get dashboards id (parameter id:)
    GET /api/dashboard

  2. Get dashboard, check widget id you want to copy:
    GET /api/dashboards/{dashboardId}

  3. Get widget parameters:
    GET /api/dashboards/{old_dashboardId}/widgets/{widgetId}

  4. Copy widget parameters, remove row with id:, so api could generate new id for widget:
    PUT /api/dashboards/{new_dashboardId}/widgets

Best will be to create script, or you can still use API browser if you want to copy small amount of widgets:

System - Content packs - Create, select dashboards of your choice and afterwards upload created content pack file on the same system. Don’t forget to install it.

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