Ent. License requested after update to 3.2.2


had always the community version, mostly because the Sophos WAF sends tons of data (5-10 GB) and I need 0,5% of it. After the latest upgrade, I receive this message. I’am not aware, that I even created views.



Your Graylog Enterprise license is missing.

To be able to use parameter support in views, you need to obtain a valid Graylog Enterprise license. For further information, please check the Graylog Enterprise page.

ola @Henri44

how did you upgraded? The exact command will help to see what had happened …

I guess that you have installed the Enterprise Plugins - as this is not done automatically or depending this must have been done by the upgrade command.


Pleased to see we’re not the only ones. This annoying warning appeared after the recent upgrade (following Graylog’s guide) and we’re not (knowingly) using any Enterprise plugins.

he @blingmuppet

same question - how did you upgrade?


I used “apt upgrade”, as in the past years. The Ent. Plugins are installed, right, but I never installed the plugins by hand. But they are installed in 3.1.4+1149fe1 too. Here I do not get not such a message.
Maybe I downloaded the wrong package in the past.
Is it is good idea to deinstall the plugins?



he @Henri44

if you do not use the plugins, remove the package

apt remove graylog-enterprise-plugins graylog-enterprise-integrations-plugins

restart Graylog and that’s it.

@jan - Thank you, that was the answer and my issue is now resolved.

However, I maintain that these were not added during the recent update that caused the banner to appear, so either:

a) They were added automatically by some mechanism.
b) Behaviour changed in 3.2.2 that went from quietly ignoring these plugins to shouting about them and being annoying. I think this is the more likely, and is quite annoying. Perhaps a one-off dismissable banner would be better than spamming it to all users on every page load?

He @blingmuppet

Graylog Enterprise packages are NEVER installed automatically - that MUST be a user action. In addition to that the warning if you have no valid license but the plugins installed as NEVER been changed.

I’m sorry that you had this kind of experience but some user action was done to push you into that situation.

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