Different path of upgrading Graylog OVA

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Hi guys,

I’ve seen many posts about OVA in-place upgrade issues and I’ve personally gone through many unsuccessful attempts (thank god for snapshots) to upgrade an older OVA to the most current one.

So here’s what came to mind as a question to all the Graylog gurus here: is there another way to upgrade a running Graylog OVA, with many months of accumulated data which can not imply be lost, by following a different upgrade method?

Instead of “upgrading” the executables of the old OVA, Elastic etc spin a brand new OVA and then somehow using a magic you might suggest export the data and import it into the new current version of the OVA?

This isn’t really my idea, I’ve seen and done many MySQL based product upgrades by simply NOT touching the old running production product and instead building a brand new one “blank” so to speak and then moving the data from old to new.

Could this be done with Graylog? If yes is there a guide? What are the constraints around it?

In case anyone wonders here – I am running the OmniBus package 2.1.0+62db7e0, codename Smuttynose

Thank you

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you could try, spin up a new OVA. Stop all services on old and new ova. copy over data directory and then start the new with the old data.

Never tried that, but in theory that should be possible.

Does the upgrade suggested here not work? http://docs.graylog.org/en/2.4/pages/configuration/graylog_ctl.html#upgrade-graylog-omnibus

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