Creating graph using custom metrics on X and Y axis

I am trying to create graphs using custom metrics like below. You can refer to the image attachment for getting better clarity of my use case.

  • name of sources on X axis of graph.
  • number in cpu_util field on Y axis of graph.

After ample of exploration, I did not found any option to create graphs using custom metrics. Instead it always crates a graph corresponding to number of log entries and time.
I am using Graylog 2.4.6.

Please help!

In the image below, you can see that I have custom field in the message called cpu_util which contains numerical values and message is ingesting from difference sources.

You’re using the basic histogram.

Instead, you can fold-open the “cpu_util” field in the field selector on the lefthand side and chose “Create graph” (or the option with a similar name).

I have already tried that way. The problem is, the graph is plotting the number of logs entries vs time and I want value of cpu_util vs sources.

Refer to the image attached.

@jan @jochen - Please have a look at my use case. Any kind of help or hint will be appreciated regarding my use case.

you can customize the Y Axis (by choosing customize) but the X axis is always time.

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The graphs plotted are not point precise. On customising it, the graph shows the plot only when using Value either Total or Cardinality, otherwise it goes blank. And the data showing showing after selecting either of Values is not making sense in my use case here.

Please suggest if any other option or setting I can try.

Also, let me know, if Grafana can help me in achieving expected result here?

did you read for what the Grafana Dashboard is created?

It looks like Graylog can’t be used to display the information you have - as you like currently. You might find something that works with Version 3.0.

I did not read about the Graylog-Grafana integration yet. I was hoping to get any workarounds for this use case using Graylog Rest API because earlier I have used Grafana for plotting graphs corresponding to Zabbix data using Zabbix API. However, I will keep searching for the workarounds.
Anyways, looking forward to Graylog 3.0.

It looks like you’re trying to make a capacity management report! I think you want to know how heavily used your systems are in broad terms.

Does that sound about right? While Graylog can do lots of great things, I don’t think it’s currently in a position where it can be used for such a use case. You can of course export the relevant collected data and generate the desired graphs using other tools. You can simply export to CSV and work with a spreadsheet.

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