Custom y-axis on widgets

Good afternoon, I am collecting and graphing the perfdatas from Nagios of several VMs and I would like to change the Y-axis of the graph below. These two screenshots (2 different graphs set up the same way, the only difference between them is the log used tod raw them) illustrate the problem:

Is there a way force them to use a specific y-axis range (0-100) ?

Thank you for your time.


Have you tried the drop-down arrow on the right side?

There are configuration settings on the left when the widegt opens up. If thats not it, could you explain in greater detail what you want to do?

That’s not what I want (or I can’t see it). On the first screenshot that I posted, you can see that the y-axis goes from 0 to 50, on the second, it goes from 0 to 2.5. I’d like to force it to go from 0 to 100 at all time, regardless of the current maximum value. I don’t want to change the data or the graph type, just the range of values on the y-axis.

That is unfortunately not possible at this time.

Thanks for the answer.

If you like you can watch these issues on github, I think they describe your use case as well:

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