Baseline Range for Chart Columns

It would be great if we could set something like a base line range for chart columns. By that I mean an option that allows us to set the default scale of the Y axis for a chart widget. Our charts would better visualize their information if they wouldn’t be scaled between 0 and the highest value.

We have a chart with six lines which each display a percentage value, and they usually show a vertical range between 0 and 6 percent which makes a line at 6 percent look like a very high / big value, even though it’s not. If we could set the base range to 100 then the chart would be much clearer.

he @TitanNano

do you mind opening a feature request for that over at github: ?

Sure, no problem.

@jan how will the issue get prioritized?

he @TitanNano

you could get in contact with sales and try to speed that up with some money.

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