Labelling and scaling of the y-axis


I have the problem that automatic scaling often generates a stupid value with many digits after the decimal point:

This makes reading difficult and if various graphs are displayed on top of each other, the time axis is also shifted.

Is there a way to format the label of the y-axis?
Is there also a way to fix the scaling, e.g. by setting the min and max value of the scale?

Thank you and BR

Hello && welcome @jocus

How did you setup this widget? also what version/s are you using?

We have a cluster with 3 nodes, each running Graylog 4.0.17+d0c5b22.
Setup of the widget:


Hey @jocus

Sorry for the delay, I see you have custum fileds made for this widget.

Unfortunatly all there are “Row’s & Columns”. Not really for metrics, but this might change in the future versions.

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