Graylog crash on specific widget size and type in Dashboards

Hi everyone,

I noticed that my Graylog crashes when I resize a widget with counting something, to a specific size. I notice that the number is sort of lagging up-down before it froze and then I am asked by Firefox to stop the page. Bellow on a picture, I marked with red rectangle the widget size that crashes the Graylog. I tried with some other types of graphs like pie charts for example and resize it to the same size and no issue. Only when Single number visualization type is used.

I am using the latest Graylog 3.3, I updated it last week, didn’t had this issue before the upgrade. If any other information is needed, please do tell me and I will provide.


he @facyber

please open a bug report for this:

Hi @jan

It is done.

This can be closed, thanks!

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