How to do graph with extracted field value on y-axis


I created an extractor for response_time on a tcp port. Next I would like to create a chart, with the Y-Axis being the response time (from the extracted field, between 0 and 120) , and X-axis the time/date of the message.

When I create a chart from my search, the Y-axis becomes the number of messages containing my search result, and I can’t find way to change that to the field value response_time.

Customizing the chart does not allow me to change the Y-axis.

Surely this must be something simple, but how can I create the graph with nummeric field_value in the Y-axis?

(graylog 2.4)

in that Graylog version that is not possible.

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your quick reply. You’ve helped us before, we appreciate it!
Yet another reason to upgrade :slight_smile:

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