Cisco router log file collection in graylog

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Hello my friends
I’m a new member in your forum Graylog
As part of my end of study project I have to collect and analyze log files of cisco routers using Graylog
in a first step I realized a topology composed of 3 cisco routers c7200 in GNS3
in the second step I downloaded the OVA image of graylog version (graylog-2.4.3-1.ova) and I imported it on vmwareworksation afterwards I activated the logging on the routers by giving the graylog address and I linked the graylog router with a cloud on gns3 (and that’s the ping it works between graylog and cisco routers)
now i wanted to know that it is the next steps to configure the log file collection of routers in graylog (if there is a tutorial for that follow step by step)
please my friends this is the first time I use graylog and I need your help

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you already send your logs to Graylog - next would be, normalize your data by extracting the needed information into seperate fields and maybe build streams and dashboards out of that.

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