Is it possible to send Cisco Switch logs to Graylog

Hi Good day!

I just want to ask if possible to send Cisco Switch logs to Graylog?

How to setup the configuration in Graylog to receives the logs from Cisco Switch?


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I think Cisco Switch supports RSyslog. You can start a Rsyslog input receiver for this.

I am fairly new to Graylog however, I will try to look for configuration of RSyslog to receives Cisco Switch Logs. Thanks anyway. However, would you mind to ask for a sample rsyslog configuration for Cisco Switch Logs. Thanks in advance.

Please help me, anybody here who is already done with Cisco Switch logs sending to Graylog. Thanks! Help me please

you will only need to define a Syslog Input on Graylog and after that configure your devices to send their syslog message to that created input.

You might find some of the available content packs and descriptions in the marketplace useful.

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