Need help : i install graylog but i can't collect logs from other devises

Hello my friends
I’m a new member in your forum Graylog
As part of my end of study project I have to collect and analyze log files of cisco routers using Graylog
in a first step i install graylog and elasticsearch and mongodb in one machine (one node) i configure him but i don’t know if is it correct or not specially mongodb i dn’t khnow what i configure this file please my friends i send may capture this is the first time I use graylog and I need your help to continue
thnk u so much

![mongodb|690x387](upload:// .png)

please, please no screenshots - how should anyone work with that in a way that helps you? Please read the Forum FAQ:

We have created step-by-step guides that holds all information that needed to have Graylog up and running:

If you struckle on them - describe what you have done, what error you are facing and what you have tried to solve that problem.

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