Can not find Ansible playbook for Graylog 5 with OpenSearch

Dear Community,

I am having problems finding the specific Ansible Instructions for Debian, Graylog 5.0 which includes the OpenSearch.

If this is not officially available yet, can i take older versions playbook and just replace every “elasticsearch” reference to “opensearch” ?

Graylog 5.0 is just released, so you won’t be able to get ready to use it, but sure you can use the old ansible as a set example and change it as per requirement and test it.
if successful please do share with the community.

I was thinking coming days to release ISO image ubuntu+Graylog+wazuh+grafana (if time permits Docker)

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Thanks, for sure we will share with Community once tested and in production.

Do you have a Playbook you recommend from previous Versions ?

how about this :

sadly there is no debian package for OpenSearch so far. It is announced, but still missing :frowning: Graylog and MongoDB are installed fine from the repos, but for OpenSearch you need a tar.gz extraced and placed. Therefore a simple replacement of elastic with opensearch will not work :-/

Thanks ihe.

So if I get you right, the only way to install gl cluster today via Ansible, i need to install opensearch manually?

I discussed this internally with our Ansible Guy, he does not want to use an old Version, so suggested that I use a gl 5.0 Docker Version, but now I understand that there is also no opensearch docker installation for Debian ?

With docker the game is different I guess. I do not have personal experience with docker in combination with OpenSearch though.
A plain installation is for sure also scriptable with ansible, but as OpenSearch is not available through the repos this is something different than it was with elastic.
If you start from scratch I recomment to go for OpenSearch, as this is the future log-database of Graylog. If you go for Graylog 5 you also directly can start with OpenSearch 2 I think.

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Thank u Chris.

I have looked at this Link several Times before I wrote here, maybe i miss something, but the Link leads to a gl V4 with Elastic?

We are looking for V5 with os .

Thanks, its for V4 and i am looking for V5

Hey @ihe

Im keeping an eye on it :wink:

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